Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Learning's Fun ~ In Grade One! May 22, 2018

Reminders - Read-a-Thon envelopes and money are due on Wednesday, May 30
                   - SPRING CONCERT - Wednesday, June 6

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!                         Rascie                     May 22

1) Our school's Spring Concert is coming up soon!  It is on Wednesday, June 6.  This is a great evening for all of our students to share what they have been working on in music class.
2) We will also have an "Art Show" displaying some beautiful paintings created by the students.

3) The Book Fair will be running during that week and evening too.  Feel free to shop at the Book Fair (in the gym) before and after the concert.

4) The students need to be at school by 5:45 and dropped off at their classrooms.  Mr. B needs time to tune everyone up.  Don't forget to bring your VIOLINS to school.

5) The concert seating plan is the same one that we've used on other years - the concert will be held outside on the south (big) playground.  The parents and families sit in the centre of the marked circle and the different grades will be situated in groups around the large parent group.  The performances move in a rotation around the circle.  Please bring lawn chairs or blankets to sit on.

6) The concert begins at 6:30 and usually lasts one hour.  Pray for beautiful weather!

Yep!  Your child is correct.  I am not sending home anymore homework packages for the rest of the year.  I know everyone is so busy at this time of year and the weather is so nice .... so no more regular homework. 

The only thing that I would still like them to continue is home-reading.  I am changing things up a bit for reading too.  Today I sent home a yellow booklet with "READING BINGO" activities for them to use as their reading logs. 

There are 9 squares on the front cover - one to colour in after they have read each kind of book.  There is also a short writing part or drawing part to complete after each book they have read.  They should be reading a "good-fit" book for each category.  (Examples - 1) girls read a book about a boy and boys read a book about a girl - then draw a picture of the main character in the booklet,  2) read a non-fiction book about an animal and write 2 facts that you learned from the book). 

When all 9 squares are coloured and all of the activities are complete, they can choose a prize.  (Then start a new Bingo booklet). This booklet does not have to be done in one week.  It may take some children longer than others.  But as long as they are reading ... and hopefully enjoying some different kinds of books, that is the most important thing.

They can choose books from school or from home or from the library.
Let me know if you have any questions.

Math class - we are learning about measurement.  Here are some photos of the children using post-it notes to find the area of different objects and then comparing them. 
Which covers more area - your desk or your chair seat?  We also worked on mass, volume and length.


Monday, May 7, 2018

Learning's Fun ~ In Grade One! May 7, 2018

Reminders - NO SCHOOL on Friday, May 18 and Monday, May 21
                   - SPRING CONCERT - Wednesday, June 6

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!                              Elhana                          May 5

We have a field trip booked for Wednesday, June 20.  We will be going to Oak Hammock Marsh and will be staying all day (eating lunch there).  We will need parent drivers/chaperones for this field trip so mark this date down on your calendars.  I will be sending home the permission slip with more information next month.

I asked each of the children in our class what they would like to give their mom's for Mother's Day if it could be anything in the world and it didn't matter what it cost. 

Here are their answers - See if you can figure out which answer your child gave.  I'll give you the matching answers at the end of this blog.

1) Green Tea
2) High Heels
3) A Star Wars shirt
4) A red car
5) A birthday cake for grandpa
6) A new pot
7) A pink fidget spinner
8) A ring
9) A dog
10) Cinnamon heart candies
11) A back pack
12) A Louis Hamilton race car
13) A picture of me, my brother and my dad
14) For me and my brother to get along
15) Shoes

Our beautiful Owl Habitat Mural is finished.  We have started our next unit which is all about MAPS.

PHOTO GALLERY - Of our owl mural and of each student beside their owl portraits.



Matching answers to the Mother's Day Gift question.

1) Green Tea - because she has none left - SOPHIE
2) High Heels - because I like to wear them - MIKALA
3) A Star Wars shirt - because she likes Star Wars - LENA
4) A red car - because she likes red - JAYDEN
5) A birthday cake for grandpa - because she dropped grandpa's cake and the dog ate it - DYLAN
6) A new pot - because my uncle burned our pot - AVA
7) A pink fidget spinner - to add to her fidget collection - ALEX
8) A ring - because she is beautiful - AJ
9) A dog - a chihuahua - CHRISTIAN
10) Cinnamon candy hearts - because they are her favourite spicy candy - HARMONY
11) A back pack - because she doesn't have one - MASOUDA
12) A Louis Hamilton race car - he would like to make one for her - QUINN
13) A picture of me, my brother and my dad - so she can take it to work with her - ZOE
14) For me and my brother to get along - and a rest in bed from us - RASCIE
15) Shoes - because she loves shoes, she has about a hundred of them - REID

Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day!

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Learning's Fun ~ In Grade One! April 24, 2018

We have finished up our science unit about OWLS.  Each student shared their research project with the whole class, about one type of North American owl.  We finished painting our big mural in the hallway.  It shows each of the types of owls that we studied (life-sized) and the habitat for each one.  We went to the computer lab and searched for information about each type of owl.  Our grade 5/6 reading buddies helped us with reading some of our research information. 
We had 5 questions to answer -
What does it eat?  Where does it live?  Info about nests and babies.  One interesting fact.  And what does it look like?

Our next unit is all about MAPS.

PHOTO GALLERY - Photos of our reading buddies helping us with our owl research.



A couple of photos from milk week -

Painting our life-sized owls -