Monday, October 2, 2017

Learning's Fun ~ In Grade One! October 2, 2017

REMINDERS - Scholastic book orders are due this Friday, October 6

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!              October 2      Felix
                                                   October 9      Sophie
                                                   October 13    Jayden

The home reading-logs are due every Friday (the same day as the homework is due).  Please remember to initial each date box when your child does their home reading and fill in the total nights for the week.  These nights of reading will be counted and used for free BOSTON PIZZA coupons.

BOSTON PIZZA is giving our school coupons for free child-size pizzas to use as incentives/rewards when a child reaches their class's home reading goal for each month. 
Our grade one goal is to read for 20 nights during each month (5 nights per week x 4 = 20). 
The children are able to earn one coupon per month if they reach their reading goal!

Our school is collecting plastic grocery bags to be recycled.  Please send in any plastic bags that you have to school to be counted and recycled.  There are prizes to be won.

PHOTOS - Here are some photos of the grade one class with their Grade 5/6 Reading Buddies.
(A couple of buddies were away this day so some may be switched to substitute buddies)

Reading with a classroom buddy -


ART - NOAH'S ARK in watercolour paints

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Learning's Fun ~ In Grade One! September 20, 2017

We have had a very busy second week of grade one!

- In science we are learning about our SENSES and how they give us important information about our world.
- In math we are working on creating different PATTERNS and writing patterns in different ways.
- In language arts we are learning which READING strategy to use when trying to read a word that we don't know yet, by
- looking for sentence patterns
- stretching out the letter/sounds
- forming your lips to make the first letter sounds of the word
- and looking for picture clues
And we trying to build our stamina for reading to ourselves for longer periods of time. 
We are up to 9 minutes already!
In WRITER'S WORKSHOP we are each writing and illustrating our own story about a pet who gets into trouble every day of the week.  We will be sharing these stories with our classmates later on.

Our entire school will be going on a Terry Fox Walk on Friday, September 29. 

Here are some photos from the first few weeks of school.


 Math - sorting


Monday, September 11, 2017

Learning's Fun ~ In Grade One! September 11, 2017

Hello Grade One Parents,

Welcome to our grade one class BLOG!

I will be sharing photos and news about what is happening in our classroom on this blog-site and I will let you know by e-mail when there is a new posting for you to take a look at. 

The children (hopefully) brought home a note and a brown paper lunch bag on Friday.  In it they were supposed to place 3 or 4 items or pictures that would help them tell about their summer memories.  We shared some of the bags today and will share the remainder tomorrow or Wednesday, so if they didn't bring them in on Monday, don't worry, just bring them in as soon as you can.  Thanks for your help.

Most of the children are remembering to bring their Froggy Bags to school each day. Some may need a gentle reminder or two. 

Kick-off Sunday will be held this coming Sunday, September 17 at 10:30.  This fun church service and picnic lunch will be held at Beautiful Savior Lutheran CHURCH on St. Mary's Road (NOT at the school).  Everyone is welcome and invited.  If you are able, please bring a dessert to share and a lawn chair or blanket.

Our school canteen has opened this week.  If you wish, your child may use the canteen to purchase food items at the beginning of any lunch period.  If you want your child to be able to use the canteen, please send in $10 to the office and they will receive a canteen card.  Each time they purchase a food item, the money amount will be crossed off of their card.  You may also place restrictions on your child's card (for example - milk only, treat only on Friday, etc...) if you wish.

Picture day will be on Monday, September 18

Scholastic book orders are due on Wednesday, September 13.


Take a look at our school's "Where's Waldo" bulletin board in the front hall. 
Can you find your child?

Grade One class soaring into learning (with water colour painted balloons).

 Our chapel theme for this year is all about plants, gardens, vineyards, seeds, ...  We will be adding onto our "time-line vine" all year long.

We have a new pet in our classroom.  Today we voted on his name.  (Democracy and "whichever gets the most votes, wins" is sometimes a difficult lesson to learn.)  His name is RAINBOW.